Google Analytics

Please follow these easy steps to connect your Google Analytics account to Grappster:


Step 1: Login to Grappster

Login to your Grappster account at

For instructions on logging in, please consult


Step 2: Go to Apps


  • Select Settings (1) at the right top corner of the screen. 
  • Choose Apps (2)

Step 3: Add Google Analytics to Grappster


  • Click the CONNECT MORE APPS button on the App page in Grappster. 


  • Select the Google Analytics App (1)



  • Make sure you are logged in at Google Analytics with your Gmail account.
  • Click the CONNECT button (1) in order to let Grappster connect to Google Analytics.
  • A pop-up appears. Select your account and select which Analytics 

Google Analytics is now added to your Grappster account! 

To learn more about connecting your relations, please consult

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