How to change your password

Feeling the urge to change your password? This can be done in just a couple of easy steps. 


Step 1: Make sure you are logged in to Grappster? 

Read here how to login.

Read here how to recover your password in case you lost it. 


Step 2: Go to your user profile


  • Click on your username (1) at the right top corner of the screen. A dropdown menu appears.
  • Click PROFILE (2).


Step 3: Submit and save your new password

  • Scroll down to Password
  • Submit your new password at NEW PASSWORD (1) and confirm by submitting the same password at CONFIRM NEW PASSWORD (1)
  • Click the UPDATE button (2) to activate your new password. 


That's it! You will get a notification on the top of the screen that  your password is updated. 


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