How to connect your apps

In order to get data in Grappster, you need to connect apps. Follow these steps to connect your apps to Grappster. Make sure you are logged in to Grappster!



  • Select Settings (1) at the right top corner of the screen. 
  • Choose Apps (2)

  • Click the CONNECT MORE APPS button to connect with more apps in Grappster. 
    When you're connecting your first app this option won't appear. Instead, the next screen with all the available apps will be shown.


  • Select an app you wish to connect with Grappster by clicking it. 
    For this article we use Twitter as an example, so we clicked Twitter



  • Click the CONNECT button (1) to connect to the App. 
    The next steps are different for every app. To find out the right way for each app to connect to Grappster, please consult the following page:
  • A pop-up will appear which asks for your permission to connect the app with Grappster. You need to allow Grappster to make a connection before you can use the selected app in Grappster. 

After you granted permission to the app, you are done. The app is now connected to Grappster! 


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